Is Amberen Safe For Consumption?

Human beings rely on medications in order to get relief from health problems. One such medication that is commonly used would be Amberen. Is Amberen safe? Even though the manufacturers of this drug touts the drug as FDA approved and also flaunts the fact that it is made of natural products only, people still find themselves questioning whether it is safe to administer it or not. After all, just because a product is ‘au natural’ doesn’t mean that it won’t induce adverse side effects!

Is Amberen Safe or Not?

Amberen is a herbal drug which aims at relieving women of their menopausal symptoms. The drug is manufactured using a variety of succinate salts, which help in improving the communication between your brain and the organs responsible for producing hormone. This way, women can enjoy a smooth transition into the post-menopause stageof their lives. While these succinate salts do not pose a problem in the short run, they can cause damage if consumed consistently for a long period of time.

Also, one of the ingredients of the drug Amberen is MSG or Monosodium Glumate. Therefore, if you have allergic reactions to MSG then it is best to steer clear of the drug as it is not safe to consume the same. A common complaint of women consuming Amberen is that it triggers headaches. Even though these are not serious headaches, but the pounding feeling in the head is definitely not pleasant! Other side effects associated with Amberen are irritability, watering nose or eyes, nausea, short term increase in hot flushes, development of rashes resembling hives around the neck area and heart palpitations.

It is because of these side effects that people question “Is Amberen safe?” Some women even find it difficult to sleep at night when administering this drug. Apart from insomnia, there are many women who experienced an increase in terms of facial hair when consuming Amberen in a scheduled manner. Some users also cite weight gain as one of the ill-effects of Amberen even though there is no scientific proofs that Amberen can contribute to sudden and unnecessary weight gain in a person.

So Should You Take Amberen?

Is Amberen safe? Should I start taking this drug? — How would you be able to find the answers to these questions? Well, you can do so by trying the drug just for a week in order to see whether you face any issues with it or not. There are many women who have had problems with the drug initially but soon the drug grew on them and they began to appreciate it more!

If you face issues with Amberen, i.e. if the above-mentioned side effects (or something similar) start cropping up then it is best to completely stop the administration of the drug at that time.

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