Amberen Side Effects

AmberenThe Amberen supplement has been hailed as a break through in menopause treatment, however some women have expressed concern about Amberen side effects. Once the menopause starts, the female neuro endocrine system goes through significant changes. In normal circumstances, the hypothalamus creates substances which stimulate estrogen production inside the ovaries. With menopausal women though, the hypothalamus stops creating this substance. Hence, the ovaries do not have estrogen in them any longer. These neuroendocrinal adjustments cause menopause symptoms, which include irregular menstruation, hot flushes, weight gain, mood swings  and more.

Regrettably, for lots of women, the options are few and far between, once they first become aware that the menopause has begun. Even with the advances of modern medicine, menopause treatments remain quite limited. Some doctors attempt to encourage their patients to try hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This is effective at easing the symptoms, however it can have a range of undesirable side effects as well. In worst case scenarios, HRT can even cause very serious conditions like cancer.

Amberen helps women to cope with the uncomfortable and painful symptoms linked to the menopause. It does this by maintaining the functionality of the hypothalamus, after the menopause kicks in. As a result, the body naturally creates the correct quantity of hormones. With the right balance of hormones, the normal menopause symptoms are avoided. Although the product was developed in Russia, it does meet all of the relevant FDA standards.

Amberen is made from natural ingredients that the body can easily absorb. Also, these natural ingredients help the body to tackle deficiencies resulting from hormonal imbalances. For example, calcium disuccinate offers the extra calcium that menopausal women require. Similarly, magnesium disuccinate offers extra magnesium for controlling mood swings. Therefore, as well as maintaining the hypothalamus, Amberen protects the body too.

Amberen Side Effects Overview

A considerable number of clinical tests have been performed on Amberen, and they have all shown the product to be effective at reducing menopause symptoms. Nowadays, the product is used by thousands of women. Because the product is completely natural, Amberen side effects are very rare and only a small number of users have reported any problems. Notwithstanding, some women have encountered moderate Amberen side effects, such as night sweats, itching, mild headaches, hot flushes, watering of the eyes and rashes.

The Cause of Amberen Side Effects

Small quantities of MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) are present in Amberen, and this is the primary cause of the side effects linked to the product. Some people have an allergy to MSG. However, people who have consumed this substance without any problems, will not experience Amberen side effects. Moreover, none of the clinical tests on Amberen have highlighted any relevant issues to be aware of.

Amberen is a supplement, not a medicine, and it does not have to be consumed year round. The instructions that accompany the product are easy to understand and concise. It is meant to be consumed in ninety day cycles. This is both healthy and convenient, because the body has a rest period from the supplement. During the initial ninety days, two pills are consumed each day. Then, the user takes a break. After the initial cycle, some users get rid of their symptoms. However, if the symptoms come back, another cycle is started. The length of each rest period will vary from one woman to another.

Amberen makes no empty claims. It promises results with a refund guarantee. The majority of women notice the product’s positive effects quickly after consuming it. Generally, the symptoms reduce within seven days of use, and the full improvements will be experienced over the first thirty days. Hence, Amberen can help menopausal women to address their symptoms in a gentle and natural way, without the need to resort to artificial products that could cause harmful and distressing side effects.

Before taking Amberen, you should seek medical advice. If your physician has never heard of the product, you can easily obtain clinical manuscripts from the manufacturer for them to read. Amberen may not work for every woman. Thus, it is best to opt for the free trial offer on the website, to ensure that the supplement works for you. However, the product is gaining popularity across the country, thanks to the lack of Amberen side effects and the thousands of positive reviews it has received.

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