Natural Skin Whitening Tips For You

Skin WhiteningDark patches of skin and uneven skin tone can negatively affect how one feels about him or herself. On the other hand, an even and clear complexion can evoke feelings of confidence and overall wellbeing. A clear and even skin tone is also perceived as more attractive in many cultures. For those among us who struggle with pigmentation, natural remedies are always better recommended than harsh chemicals and the like.

Some natural skin whitening tips and remedies that will not have you breaking the bank include:

Using Buttermilk

Buttermilk is not only great food packed with natural fats and lots of nutriments for growing children. It is also great for lightening the skin. Buttermilk can be applied to just about all areas of the body including the feet, hands and face. The lactic acid (which is the active ingredient) works are the agent that lightens (or whitens) the skin while also keeping it soft to the touch. Many manufactured products also use this lactic acid base in their whitening products.

Jojoba Oil And Licorice Oil

Jojoba Oil has been used for centuries to renew and rejuvenate the skin. When combined with Licorice Oil (which is used to temper melanin production and so the pigmentation of skin) is a winning skin care combination that not only lightens skin but also nourishes it. With this combination, users can expect to see lighter skin in as little as two to three weeks. The Jojoba Oil is used to dilute the Licorice Oil, and you can experiment with the right cocktail for your skin by leaving the mixture on a small part of your arm for a few hours to see how the skin reacts. Testing using your arm first is always recommended before applying anything to your face.

Plant Extracts

In addition to food items and oils, one can also use plant extract as an alternative to whiten skin. One great extract is papaya extract mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice. This cocktail will need about three to four raw papayas (as large as you can find them) and two large lemons. Separate the papaya pulp and juice by placing the sliced papayas into a food processor. A commercial juicer can also be used to extract the juice from both the papayas and the lemons. Once the juice of both fruits has been extracted, combine them and apply them to your skin. You may use cotton balls apply the solution. This solution is bound to help lighten your skin naturally.

Other Tips

It is always a good idea to test for allergic reactions on parts of the body such as the hand before applying any topical solution (natural or otherwise) to the face. Of course, it is also recommended that you check with your dermatologist or primary care physician to see if your new regime is healthy and right for you. The last thing you would want to do is make an unpleasant situation worse. Once you are in the clear however, feel free to use our suggestions, and in a few short weeks, say help to beautiful, clear and lighter skin.

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