Natural Treatment For Eczema

eczemaEczema is the chronic skin disorder with skin inflammation and blisters from which there may be watery discharge.  Eczema causes various other problems like redness, itching, skin flakiness, and dryness, and this infection is also called as atopic dermatitis.  Mostly, eczema symptoms are commonly seen on areas such as wrists, hands, back of the knees, upper chest, neck, face, and arms.  Here are a few natural treatments for eczema that helps in speedy recovery.

One of the good natural remedy is applying coconut oil or evening primrose oil or emu oil on the area affected with eczema, this treatment helps the skin to maintain its softness.  Prepare a paste made with one tsp sandalwood and one tsp camphor, and apply this paste on the affected areas to get best result.

Simple and easy home remedy is to apply any mudpack or taking sunbath, and this method is a very good natural treatment.  Water treatments like cold compress and cold wet fermentation proves to be very useful natural treatment and the application of this treatment is based on the severity of this disorder, and this treatment should be followed daily for effective result.

Another effective natural remedy is applying an herbal paste prepared by adding one tablespoon of bitter neem leaves and one tablespoon of turmeric powder on the affected region.  Mix one teaspoon of camphor and one teaspoon of sandalwood and make a fine paste, apply this paste on the affected area to get effective result.  Another simple treatment is applying spearmint juice or applying mashed almond leaves on the eczema region.  Prepare a fine paste of nutmeg by adding water and apply this paste on the affected regions regularly for good result.

Add the neem leaves to the boiling mustard oil, let the oil boil until the leaves turn black, sieve the oil and apply on the affected areas regularly to get best results.  Apply mashed papaya seeds on the affected area to prevent skin itching due to the eczema infection.  Use witch hazel on the affected area to prevent the inflammations due to the eczema condition.   Always take care to avoid using chemicals, dying products, and soaps on the eczema infected areas.

Apply paste of blueberry leaves on the affected area, as this helps in preventing inflammation and itching due to this disorder.  Applying vitamin E on the affected area is also an effective treatment, this can be applied in the form of cream or oil, and even vitamin E supplements can be taken.  A natural treatment for eczema is always the best option, but proper research should be done before embarking on any natural remedies.

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