Total Curve Review – Say No to Surgical Breast Augmentation!

total curveThere are many ways in which a woman can increase the size of her breasts. Over the years, various discoveries have been made as to how this can be done in a simpler and less risky manner. The Total Curve Intensive Daily Breast Enhancement Therapy is another way in which this is achievable – safely. If you are sceptical as to what this is all about, don’t worry, my thorough review will explain what this therapeutic procedure consists of.

Ever since high school I’ve had a major problem with breast size. Unfortunately, I was never blessed with large boobs, in fact not even regular sized boobs. I was constantly teased by other girls in my class, and typically shunned by boys, at least the ones that were popular. Naturally to me, plastic surgery was out of question!

Natural Breast Enhancement That Works

The alternative to breast implants, Total Curve is designed to ensure that the risk and discomfort that is felt with traditional implants, is absent. There are three (3) steps associated with this procedure.

This works in such as way that the body is introduced to phytoestrogens on a daily basis while the gel is used for tapping and lifting the breast. Exercise is also needed to ensure that the muscles are toned and firmed to support the breasts.

Also, age is a contributing factor as to why breasts are sagging and less appealing. These three steps will ensure that the breasts are firmed and lifted and the appeal will surely increase.

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Important Stats First

In two surveys of two groups of women between the ages of 18 and 35, who were not pregnant or breast feeding and who had all maintained a stable weight for three months, participants applied Volufiline (essential ingredient in Total Curve breast lift treatment) to one breast, twice daily.

Scientists measured the results on days 28 and 56 of the survey:

Day 28 – reported an 6.6% increase

Day 56 – reported an 8.4% increase

That’s without the scarring, discomfort and side effects associated with other breast augmentation methods.

3 Steps to Natural Bigger Breasts

Based solely on the natural ingredients, the system is three fold;

  1. It uses a daily supplement which impacted directly on my breast size. It contains a series of safe, natural phytoestrogens that mimic the role of estrogen in the breast development process. The Daily Supplement also enhances overall breast health. I amazingly, started seeing results after first week.
  2. Coupled with this, there is a lifting and firming gel that I used and within a few days, I was feeling top heavy. Lifting & Firming Gel, specially formulated with Volufiline, is applied to the breasts every day for 60 days. Volufiline is clinically proven to increase breast size by up to 8.4% in less than 60 days. Everything else on top of that is a bonus.
  3. But this is not the overall kicker of the system. It was the exercises that started to tone my breast. This lifts the breasts up and reduces “sagging”. Even my nipples got bigger.

Disadvantages And Side Effects

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is time.You will not get bigger breasts overnight as you would with plastic surgery. However, if you follow the Total Curve program as suggested, change in your breast size will be imminent in less than 2 months. No reported side effects have been claimed. Altough this product is all-natural, if you are not sure about taking additional supplements, consult with your doctor.

Also, Total Curve treatment comes with FREE trial and 60 days 100% money back guarantee.

Conclusion – Can it Deliver?

I can highly recommend Total Curve to anyone who wants to enhance their boobs. The continuous use of the product will ensure that the issues that you are having with sagging breasts or small breasts will be dealt with – GUARANTEED! It even assists in the reduction of PMS symptoms along the way.

Total Curve has lived up to its standards and it has delivered the results that it claimed it would, without pain and without big expense. This magical product is five stars right out of the box and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

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